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Ashing Furnaces

When ashing materials a good airflow through the chamber is essential for complete combustion. We ensure this with a 50mm bore chimney, 610mm high which gives the required air flow. Air is drawn through inlets in the back of the furnace under the hearth tile, being pre-heated before entering the chamber, passing over the samples and travelling up the chimney.

Vecstar Ashing Furnace range incorporates numerous safety features such as a vertically opening door to keep the hot insulation plug away from the operator, automatic shut-off switch that kills the power to the elements when the door is opened and a double steel skin ensuring the outer surface is as cool as possible. Ultra ‘high grade’ insulation materials are used to ensure our ashing furnaces are as energy efficient as possible.

Independent over-temperature protection is available as an option, using a digital alarm working from a separate thermocouple, safeguarding both the furnace or any furnace contents from over-heat damage at any temperature.

Our Ashing Furnace range is supported by a wide range of equipment and extras such as crucibles, tongs and furnace tables.

Detailed here are our two standard Ashing Furnaces. We design and build in house so if you have a bespoke requirement please do not hesitate to contact us.


Our in-house experts and CAD design team are on hand to assist you and will complete your project through consultancy, design, manufacture, installation and ongoing support.

Full training and ongoing support is offered as standard and we promise the best possible service.

Available in the UK, USA and Worldwide directly through Vecstar or through our approved distributors.

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